Gee Whiz A Fixation for the Letter “G”

G names are very uncommon. It’s just one of those letters that get overlooked. Maybe now is the time for it to make a statement. Here are some lovely G names that may be just what you are looking for:

Grace– Female/ Grace; Blessing/ Latin

Georgia-Female/ Farmer to Work the Earth/ Greek

Giada-Female/ Precious Green Stone/ Italian

Gracelyn-Female/ Goodwill/ Latin

Gianna-Female/ God is gracious/ Hebrew

Georgiana-Female/ Farmer to work the Earth/ Greek

Guinevere-Female/ White; Fair/ Welsh

Gordana-Female/ Serbian/ Proud/

Gemma-Female/ Latin/ Jewel

Genevieve-Female/ French/ White Wave

Georgina-Female/ Earth Worker/ Greek

Giselle-Female/ Hostage ;Pledge/ German

Gabrielle-Female/ God is my strength/ Hebrew

Gorjana– Female/ Austrialian/ Meaning : Unknown

Gillian-Female/ Down-bearded Youth/ Latin

Graciela-Female/ Grace/ Spanish

Graham-Boy/ English/ Adobe

Gavin-Boy/ Welsh/ White-Hawk of Battle

*Greer-Boy or Girl/ Watcher/Greek* Great for a boy or girl

Grayson-Boy/Son of Gray/ English

Garrison-Boy/ Strong/ German

Garrett-Boy/ Strength of the Spear/Germanic

Gideon-Boy/ Hebrew/ Mighty Warrior

Gabriel-Boy/ God is my Might/ Hebrew

Galvin-Boy/ Sparrows/ Gaelic

Grant-Boy/Big; Tall/ English/ Gaelic

Gunnar-Boy/ Battle, Warrior/German