Name Trends

I have been monitoring the name trends and this is what I have detected and what I would expect to see in the future! Take a look

1. Double names – Double names are beginning to become common. Ella Claire, Anna Kate, Layla Grace are some examples of names that are being seen on a rise! Short or Two Syllable first names paired with a filler middle name! This trend has always been aroundand is continuing to grow and evolve!

2. High Fashion Runway -High fashion and the runway is making an impact and inspiring parents on naming their babies. I’ve noticed many names like London, Paris, Valentina, Chanel, Christian, Giselle ,Lux, Dior, etc are beginning to influence parents on naming their babies!

3. Boy names ending in -n– Evan, Ethan, Dylan, all are in the top 10 and all ending with the letter n. Other names such as Owen, Logan, Landon are beginning to become chosen.

4. Unisex names/ Surnames-It is truly a craze. Unisex and surnames are becoming more and more common. Girls being named Harper, Blair, Avery, Greer etc are becoming prevalent and boys being named Carter, Pierce, Lennox, etc are growing!


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