Refining and Polishing Common Names

Here are some names that are beginning to become common and some alternatives to use to have a more formal or uncommon choice.

Emily-Emery/ Emory, Emmeline, Emmanuelle

Ella/ Elle- Elodie, Elowen, Eliana, Elise, Brielle, Gabrielle/ Gabriella/ Noelle, Giselle, Laurelle, Elena,

Jada- Gemma, Jade, Giada

Sarah- Sarai, Sari, Serah, Sariah,

Jennifer-Jenna, Genevieve, Jenacia

Katherine- Kathleen, Katelyn, Katarnia, Katarina, Katharina, Katrina, Keturah, Carys, Catriona

Gwendolyn-Guinevere, Gwenifer, Gwenna

Christopher-Christian, Christoff

Justin-Jude, Judah, Judea, Justice,

Matthew-Matthias, Matteo,  Maddox, Maceo

Jaden-Jasper, Jade, Jad,


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