Common Names vs. Uncommon Names

Ethan, Emily, Abigail, and Aiden are names that have ranked high amongst the most popular names. They have appeal and seem to be setting trends. There are others that are determined to go against the grain and select names that are not in the top 10. There are advantages and disadvantages of selecting popular names or uncommon names. Some of the advantages of choosing a popular name is that it is recognizeable, easy to pronounce, spell, and overall likeable. Disadvangtages of selecting a popular name is overused, other kids in the class with the same name (child will have to go by Emily B, or Isabella Taylor) , and the child doesn’t feel unique. However uncommon names have the same issue. There are advantages and disadvantages with uncommon names also. The name can be so rare that it’s never been heard of which may cause problems of spelling, pronounciation, and inadvertly the kid will be embarrased and ashamed. Think about being a kindergartner and being the only Eurydice. Huge identity issues.Causing your child to not being able to relate to others which will create separation from the crowd being a loner and could cause the name to be shorten into a nick name like Yuri. Advantages would be they have their own uniqueness and identity. This may be an ego or selfesteem boast.  Another advantage would be to not being mistaken for another kid in the classroom based on their name. These are just some issues that can occur on each end.