Honoring a Family Member

Many choose to continue the legacy of using family names when naming their bundle of joy. Junior, Trey, etc. are common options for many.  When using a name to honor a family member if the name is dated you can always use it in the middle name spot or you can also use the family member’s middle name as a first name. I would also suggest using a derivative of the name. The classic Katherine can be modernized to Kaitlin or Elizabeth can be replaced by the rare Elspeth, Elsbeth. or Elisabetta. This would be a great route if another family member has already used the original version of the name. You can also use a family nick name as a nick name for your child. If your grandmother’s nick name was Birdie or grandfather’s nick name was Butch, you could also carry that into your little one. If family is important to you and you would like to honor one of your family members keep these tips in mind.