Honoring a Family Member

Many choose to continue the legacy of using family names when naming their bundle of joy. Junior, Trey, etc. are common options for many.  When using a name to honor a family member if the name is dated you can always use it in the middle name spot or you can also use the family member’s middle name as a first name. I would also suggest using a derivative of the name. The classic Katherine can be modernized to Kaitlin or Elizabeth can be replaced by the rare Elspeth, Elsbeth. or Elisabetta. This would be a great route if another family member has already used the original version of the name. You can also use a family nick name as a nick name for your child. If your grandmother’s nick name was Birdie or grandfather’s nick name was Butch, you could also carry that into your little one. If family is important to you and you would like to honor one of your family members keep these tips in mind.


Common Names vs. Uncommon Names

Ethan, Emily, Abigail, and Aiden are names that have ranked high amongst the most popular names. They have appeal and seem to be setting trends. There are others that are determined to go against the grain and select names that are not in the top 10. There are advantages and disadvantages of selecting popular names or uncommon names. Some of the advantages of choosing a popular name is that it is recognizeable, easy to pronounce, spell, and overall likeable. Disadvangtages of selecting a popular name is overused, other kids in the class with the same name (child will have to go by Emily B, or Isabella Taylor) , and the child doesn’t feel unique. However uncommon names have the same issue. There are advantages and disadvantages with uncommon names also. The name can be so rare that it’s never been heard of which may cause problems of spelling, pronounciation, and inadvertly the kid will be embarrased and ashamed. Think about being a kindergartner and being the only Eurydice. Huge identity issues.Causing your child to not being able to relate to others which will create separation from the crowd being a loner and could cause the name to be shorten into a nick name like Yuri. Advantages would be they have their own uniqueness and identity. This may be an ego or selfesteem boast.  Another advantage would be to not being mistaken for another kid in the classroom based on their name. These are just some issues that can occur on each end.

Naming Twins and Multiples

 Having a baby is a very enjoyable experience. But when one discovers that they are having twins or multiples it can be extremely exciting and fun. Many people become so overwhelmed that they feel the names should match, rhyme, or have some similarity. Keep in mind that every child is an individual and have their own identity. It’s confusing enough for them to look alike and to always be mistaken for one another. So try to alleviate from making their like complicated. Twins or Multiples names don’t have to rhyme or match. It’s your choice, but don’t feel obligated to do so. You can be creative with it. They can be the same style of name or a different style name. It’s totally up to the parent. Whether they are identical or fraternal your child is its own unique person with  their own personality.

Refining and Polishing Common Names

Here are some names that are beginning to become common and some alternatives to use to have a more formal or uncommon choice.

Emily-Emery/ Emory, Emmeline, Emmanuelle

Ella/ Elle- Elodie, Elowen, Eliana, Elise, Brielle, Gabrielle/ Gabriella/ Noelle, Giselle, Laurelle, Elena,

Jada- Gemma, Jade, Giada

Sarah- Sarai, Sari, Serah, Sariah,

Jennifer-Jenna, Genevieve, Jenacia

Katherine- Kathleen, Katelyn, Katarnia, Katarina, Katharina, Katrina, Keturah, Carys, Catriona

Gwendolyn-Guinevere, Gwenifer, Gwenna

Christopher-Christian, Christoff

Justin-Jude, Judah, Judea, Justice,

Matthew-Matthias, Matteo,  Maddox, Maceo

Jaden-Jasper, Jade, Jad,

My Love for the New Name Trend: Short Names


Joi- French : Joy

Koi-Native American: Panther

Jai-Indian/ Sanskrit: Victory

Ella-Hebrew: Goddess

Ava-Hebrew: Life

Jah-African: Dignity

Mya-Greek: Great

Eve-Latin/ Hebrew/ Life

Taj-Hindi/ Sanskrit-Crown

Elle-French-Woman/ Girl

Mya-Greek/ Great Mother

Nia-Swahili/ Lustrous/ Goal / Purpose

Ivy-English/ Eternity

Lux-Greek/ Light



Coy-Woods/ quiet place




Kai-Welsh / Keeper of the Keys

Guy-Old German/Wood

Jett-English/ Black Gemstone

Beau-French/ Handsome

Rio-Spanish/ River

Eli-Hebrew/ High

Croix-French/ Cross

Knox-Scottish / Round Hill

Name Trends

I have been monitoring the name trends and this is what I have detected and what I would expect to see in the future! Take a look

1. Double names – Double names are beginning to become common. Ella Claire, Anna Kate, Layla Grace are some examples of names that are being seen on a rise! Short or Two Syllable first names paired with a filler middle name! This trend has always been aroundand is continuing to grow and evolve!

2. High Fashion Runway -High fashion and the runway is making an impact and inspiring parents on naming their babies. I’ve noticed many names like London, Paris, Valentina, Chanel, Christian, Giselle ,Lux, Dior, etc are beginning to influence parents on naming their babies!

3. Boy names ending in -n– Evan, Ethan, Dylan, all are in the top 10 and all ending with the letter n. Other names such as Owen, Logan, Landon are beginning to become chosen.

4. Unisex names/ Surnames-It is truly a craze. Unisex and surnames are becoming more and more common. Girls being named Harper, Blair, Avery, Greer etc are becoming prevalent and boys being named Carter, Pierce, Lennox, etc are growing!

Christmas Names



Holly-“Holly Grove”

Freya-“Noble Woman”

Avery-“Christmas Elf”

Belle-“Beauty” (Christmas bells/ jingle bells)

Robin-“Wise” (Christmas Bird)

Natalie or Natalia-“Born on Christmas”

Ivy-“Ivy plant”


Gabrielle-“God is my strength”

Emmanuelle/ Emanuella-“God is with us”




Gabriel-“one of the Angels”

Jasper-“One of the 3 Kings that visited baby Jesus”

Malachi-“God’s Messenger”

Emanuel-“God is with us”

Christian-“Follower of Christ”

Christopher-“A Christian”

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